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Youth Media Scholarship Fundraising (CODE: MACSD)

Mexico Gourmet is supporting this important cause.

Media Arts Center San Diego, the producer of the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival, is seeking donations for our annual “Youth Media Scholarship Fundraiser” for our year-round Youth Media & Tech Camps & award-winning Teen Producers Project.

Every $245 will send one child to camp for an entire week.

Our goal is to reach $7,000 to offer 40 scholarships for this 2018-2019 project year!

Thanks in advance for your good heart

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Education based on learning abilities (CODE: GLC)

Learn about Green Learning goal

Green Learning Community Education is based on learning abilities.

A personalized education that boosts self-esteem and therefore facilitates the proper individual development.

We work at no cost with teenagers that are in need or danger and can not afford an education. This is a small project and to make it successful we need to keep it small to cover the needs in a personal way.

If you use our code GLC, you will be supporting our cause. Thanks for taking the time.

Youth Potential (CODE: NYNAC)

Youth Media & Superior Scholarship  (CODE: EDUCO)

Learn about EDUCO goal

We support young people with limited resources to study their higher education through scholarships. Using the code EDUCO when purchasing, you will help us facilitate their insertion into the labor market.

We have more than 450 students in 15 municipalities in the state of Jalisco, impacting many families in a positive way through education. We have the support of Public and Private Universities which have supported this project so that together we are doing social work and impacting the strengthening of enrollment in higher education and preventing the desertion of students and continue contributing to economic, social and economic development. Cultural Center of the State of Jalisco. We also work together with companies that have this vision and social commitment that help us to facilitate the connection with the young scholars and the productive sector, triggering an integral transformation in each of our scholarship students.

Thanks to you, we are more and more.

Advanced Medical Imaging Fundraising (CODE: imaxess)

Learn about Imaxess goal

Imaxess, is seeking donations to offer low-cost Advanced Medical Imaging for people waiting in pain for their turn on the public medical system. You can click here to watch a woman who recently received the benefit.

Our goal is to reach $10,000 to offer at least 40 MRI a year!

Please use the code “imaxess when purchasing and help us deliver a bit of peace of mind on peoples life.

Culinary Superior Education (CODE: CAS)

 Superior Education (CODE: IBERO)

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