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Juan Arroyo



More about Juan Arroyo

Throughout his career has set himself the personal challenge of demonstrating his ability to handle different types of cuisine.

His way of working as a team and always having as a goal that the success of a restaurant depends on its entire team, has led me to have my own system in which the most important thing is the attitude of service, availability, and ability to face the challenges you face every day to overcome and learn from them, to be a good chef and an excellent person.

Professional trajectory:

Vegetarian Restaurant 1989- 2000

Vegetarian cuisine / Chef

Restaurant Pangea 2000- 2002

International cuisine / Line Chef

Restaurant Genoma (Pangea Group) 2002- 2006

California fusion tahi cuisine / Sub chef

Bardot Restaurant (Pangea Group) 2006- 2009

Classic French cuisine / CHEF.

Oven 3 (El Lingote) 2009- 2011

Restaurant and social events / CHEF.

Pan Tomato Restaurant 2011- 2012

Mediterranean cuisine / CHEF.

Vasto Restaurant (Pangea Group) 2013- 2014

Rustic Italian cuisine / CHEF

Restaurant La Embajada (Pangea Group) 2012- 2013

Mexican cuisine / CHEF.

Restaurant El Urbano 2015

Mexican Cuisine / Currently Operative Chef.

Miguel Angel Guerrero



More about Miguel Angel Guerrero

Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero

Originally from Tijuana, Baja California, a border city where he was born on June 21, 1965.

He is a lawyer by profession, graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California, however, his taste for cooking drives him to study and specialize in what he loves from the prestigious Ambrosia Culinary Center to become the Chef that he is and that, without a doubt, is an international reference since he has put Mexico’s name high in the world for being the creator of the BajaMed concept, a trend that today many Chefs in Baja California and California practice and promote.

He comes from one of the founding families of Tijuana. It all begins at an early age thanks to his Spanish ancestry and constant interaction with the countryside, nature and the sea, later translating into a great love for hunting, diving, and fishing.

To these passions are added three determining culinary influences: Mexican cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, and Oriental cuisine.

He has been guest chef in events such as Fusion Madrid, the 2011 Worlds of Flavor conference in Napa Valley, in the anniversary parties of the company Selfridges Co. U.K., FITUR 2017 and 2018, in addition to constantly participating in the Enology and Gastronomy of Baja California in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Spain, England, Argentina and Israel. He has won the appreciation of the high ranks of the culinary world, taking him to forums such as CNN’s detailed program; he was also seen with Chef Rick Bayless in the episode Baja Mediterranea in the eighth season of One Plate at a Time; the Alta Cocina program of El Gourmet TV with Chef Poncho Cadena and in Aquilísimo with Chef Aquiles Chavez of the Utilísima channel.

He has also been invited to cook for different heads of state in Official Visits.

His proposal surprises diners daily with frank and original dishes made with seasonal hunting or the catch of the day and fresh produce harvested in his own orchard and taken directly to his restaurants located in Tijuana, Mexicali and Valle de Guadalupe. He also has a line of wines under the name “Caceria” and the delicious Mezcal “Los Guerrero”, which complete this great culinary experience.

Luisteen González



More about Luisteen Gonzalez

Chef Luisteen Gonzalez

Luisteen Gonzalez was born in Mexico City and grew up in the state of Hidalgo.

As a child, his father took him to work with him to “La Viga”, the fish and seafood market and the “Mercado de San Juan” before the sunrise. There he was taught work ethic, discipline, and heart. One of the best experiences during his childhood was learning to care for his father’s fish and seafood business.

He was trained to pick, clean, and cook the freshest fish. His favorite part of the job was customer service.

He later studied in the Instituto Superior Capri de Gastronomía in Mexico City, where he refined the passion he had for creating food as the art that allows food lovers to experience his Mexican roots.

But It was his grandma Lupita who immersed him in a world of flavors and aromas in a luscious land surrounded by animals, while he enjoyed her tasty dishes, recipes, and original creations.

“ I loved learning from her how to combine the nature around her and transform it into something unexpected, delicious, and irresistible”.

His first project in 2002 was Evento de Banquetes Chef Luisteen.

In 2012 he started a new project named “Puesto” (Los Olivos, Park Place, Santa Clara  & Concord).

Currently, he has four restaurants and is opening two new ones this year, where he is presently proprietor and head chef.

Martín San Román



More about Martin SanRoman

Juan “Martin” San Roman is an award-winning chef and restaurateur and the newest member of the Season team. Martin has owned and operated several acclaimed restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico and was a celebrity TV chef for eight years on the Televisa Network. During his illustrious career, he has proudly represented Mexican Gastronomie in England, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco, France, Japan, Singapore, and the U.S.

Martin has planned and prepared special dinners for a host of international diplomats and government leaders. His motivation is simple: “I live for the joy that comes from making people happy with gourmet cuisine and great service.” Martin studied culinary arts at the prestigious Ecole de Cuisine Lenotre de Paris, in France. As a member of Mexico’s National Culinary Team, Martin helped garner numerous international awards at the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, and the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. He is a member of Academie Culinaire de France, Societe des Cuisiniers de Paris, the American Culinary Federation, and Vatel Club de Mexico.

No one should miss the culinary experience offered by this talented culinary crew.

Brought by

Jorge Carmona


More about Jorge Carmona

🍽Passion for cooking. That’s what Jorge Carmona responds when you ask what has driven his career and journey. A graduate of the Panamerican University of Hotels and Gastronomy in Mexico City and having worked with the Princess Cruise company on luxury boats for the last two years, Jorge has had an impressive trajectory. ⁣⁣
🍽 Jorge has also had the pleasure of cooking at La Hacienda de los Morales (CDMX) and El Club España (CDMX). Eventually, he decided to create his own concept – Bleu Gourmet, a catering business that focuses on business events. Later, he decided to relocate to Tijuana, Baja California where he knew there was an exciting niche scene for new Mexican cuisine. ⁣⁣
🍽In #Tijuana, he has worked with Hotel Lucerna, Zio Restaurant, for La Canirac and for Grupo Jai Alai, among others. Above all, Jorge considers himself a chef that is always looking to innovate and create new forms of expression through food, but that which always involve the traditional style that formed the foundation of his passion for cooking. ⁣

🍽Later, Jorge created EZPECIAS, a catering company that also provides consulting services for restaurants and private companies. He also teaches courses at the Culinary Art School, as well as TV segments + workshops on how to create healthy food. As Jorge says, his cooking is a gastronomic laboratory where he studies, tries and develops new plates without ever forgetting where he came from. ⁣

Daniella de la Puente



More about Daniella de la Puente

Born in Mexico City, and residing in Tijuana since 1988. After studying graphic design, and with her grandmother as her greatest inspiration in the kitchen, Daniella de la Puente developed a deep passion for food that inspired her culinary journey. After a few culinary courses and workshops, she decided to study a formal program in culinary.

Besides her passion for cooking, she has a sommelier degree. Founder chef of La Boheme, Rústico, and with her latest project, La Cocina Secreta, a clandestine kitchen in Tijuana that combines the artistry of experiential art design and haute cuisine in a secret location, she seeks to delight the senses, this exclusive experience is tailored based on the customer’s tastes and wishes, using the freshest local ingredients. Ranging from romantic dinner between two individuals to a party for hundreds, Chef Daniella de la Puente is capable of preparing a once in a lifetime experience for the most sophisticated tastes.

Rogelio Martínez

El Chamán de la cocina


More about Rogelio Martínez

Rogelio Martinez

Known as “El Chaman De La Cocina” is a proud Zapoteco Oaxacan. His unique plates have made him famous in Los Angeles. At a very young age, he knew he wanted to work with food and his passion became a reality when he immigrated to the United States. With the help and support of his family in 2007, he was able to open his first restaurant, Casa Oaxaca in Santa Ana. In 2012 he decided he wanted to expand and now has a second restaurant in Culver City.

Vicente Ortíz



More about Vicente Ortiz

Chef Vicente Ortiz

 Originally from Degollado, Jalisco and settled for 33 years in the city of Los Angeles, the story of Vicente Ortiz is a success story, a story of struggle, a story of dreams fulfilled and others to be fulfilled, a story like that of many immigrants who come to the United States, in search of a better life for their families and then like Ortiz, give back to their community a little by supporting it from different platforms.

When “Chente” was still very small, as many of his relatives and friends call him, the Ortiz family emigrated to Mexico City, where Vicente accomplished his initial studies and worked in countless trades, since the family was very numerous, eleven brothers in total and had to contribute to family spending. Manuel “Meño”, was the first one who crossed the northern border and began to clear the way, establishing the first of the family’s restaurants, under the name of El Pescador. Then, one by one, the Ortiz brothers emigrated to Los Angeles and under the tutelage of “Meño”, they learned the trade of restaurateurs and opened their own businesses. In 1984 Vicente emigrated to Los Angeles and like all his brothers, he started washing dishes to then go up and finally open the first Tacos Don Chente restaurant in 1986. Thirty years later Vicente has four restaurants (Dos “El Pescador” and two Don Chente Bar & Grill Lounge), located in Latin areas, so all of his employees are mostly Mexican, which represents a very large source of work for the community. And in all his restaurants, he not only offers the community spaces where traditional Mexican food is served but a totally family-friendly atmosphere.

For Vicente, the key to success has been perseverance and adapting to the changes in cities and inhabitants, but above all, the hard work of all Mexican immigrants, who are very good at cooking, because as “Chente” very well says, without immigrants there would be no good Mexican food and there would not be many restaurants. His passion for Mexican food, as a form of cultural expression and being the main reference of migrant families upon arrival in this country, motivated him to continue studying and two years ago he finished the Master’s degree in Regional Cooking of Mexico at the Culinary Art School in the border city of Tijuana. Currently, Vicente Ortiz is one of the two representatives of the Conservatory of Gastronomic Culture of Mexico, Los Angeles chapter, whose job is to safeguard and promote inside and outside of Mexico, the ingredients, cooking methods and recipes of Mexican cuisine. He is also a delegate of the International Diplomatic Corps of Human Rights, an organization of utmost importance since its close relationship with immigrants allows it to know about their problems here in the United States and if their rights are violated, take action on the matter.

Paco Pérez

founder of "Aquí es Texcoco"


More about Francisco Perez

Chef Paco Perez

Francisco “Paco” Perez is the founder of Aqui es Texcoco, Inc. and Authentic Mexican Cuisine, LLC. Aqui es Texcoco is Paco’s first restaurant located in Chula Vista, CA. The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican Style Lamb Barbecue [Barbacoa de Borrego] and uses the authentic recipe from the city of Texcoco, in the state of Mexico. This method requires digging a pit in the ground, filling it with fire and adding the marinated lamb to slow cook.

Francisco Chavez


More about Francisco Alejandro Chavez Flores

Jalisciense by birth Sonorense by heart, he comes from a family of restaurateurs that for more than 42 years has remained in the taste of the Sanluisinos. 

The entrepreneurial skill is inherited from his father, but his passion for the cuisine of his mother, who is and will continue to be his great teacher and example, a traditional cook from Jalisco who handles the ingredients with a respect and love that is noticeable when tasting any of her stews, as well as a natural and clean handling of their work areas and kitchen instruments. 

What changed his culinary vision was the master’s degree in Mexican cuisine at Culinary Art School in the city of Tijuana, where I had the opportunity to receive the guidance and knowledge of great traditional chefs and passionate researchers of our Mexican roots, showing him the great cultural wealth we have in México and the opportunity to cook with the ancient techniques of the pre-Hispanic culture. 

Today he has two restaurants of his own and one in partnership, all of them influenced by the different regions of our beloved Mexico, showing in his menus what he calls “THE FRONTIER KITCHEN” that rescues the essence of our pre-Hispanic root.

Consuelo Herrera



More about Consuelo Herrera

Her wide range of culinary creating experience spans restaurants, special events, television + other media, and conferences.

1995 Mesón del Ángel (Puebla).
1997 La Buena Fe.
1997 3rd Collegiate Meeting of Chef Ambrosia
1998 – 2009 TV Azteca- Productions “Con Sello de Mujer”, “Cada Mañana” and “Tempranito”, sponsored by Pilgrims Pride chicken breast and thigh medallions campaign 2003, Pilgrims Pride whole chicken Christmas campaign 1999 and 2000, Tía Rosa products, & “Verde Valle” products
Press Conference and menu preparation in the Four Seasons Hotel 
Diverse articles in “Familia” magazine.
Recipe preparation for containers, labels and recipe books
A television show on PCTV with Evelyn Lapuente.
Diverse broadcasts on: ABC Radio, Radio Formula, IMER and Radio Centro. 
Mexican cookbook for microwave meals “Latuff”.
Preparation and aesthetics of Coca-Cola food products
2000 Guest chef on Televisa program Hoy
2000 “Expomujer” event sponsored by Moulinex and T-Fal. 
Training in Nestlè, classes in diverse communication media as well as cooking classes to consumers 
2000 – 2007 Moulinex y T-Fal
2004 TIF Seal Campaign cooking section in diverse programs in TV Azteca and Televisa

Rosie O'Connor


More about Rosie

At the age of nine, Chef Rosie knew that the culinary world was her calling by helping at their family restaurants. Learning her family recipes and hearing stories of her father’s life in Mexico only ignited her passion for food.

In 2012 she opened Provecho Grill in Menifee, Ca and quickly became an award-winning restaurant.
In 2015, she became the first chef to be honored with both the Pinnacle Award and People’s Choice Award at the SoCal Chef Open and that same year was presented with the Volunteer Service Award by President Barack Obama.

Most recently in 2018, Chef Rosie was awarded Restauranteur of the Year and Restaurant of the Year by Southern California Food Writers Award.

Find her on the Cooking Channel as the winner of Farmer’s Market Flip, Let’s Dine Out Show or on the SoCal Gas Commercial “Great Chefs Fired Up” across the nation.

Chef Rosie’s dishes are inspired by her travels to various regions of Mexico such as Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Baja. Follow her blog www.chefrosie.com where she shares stories and recipes.

Luciano Gonzalez



More about Luciano Gonzalez

Born in Ensenada, Luciano González started in the culinary world at the age of 17 years. He started as a waiter at the Corona Hotel in Ensenada, Los Primos seafood restaurant, Gastélum 57, Santo Tomás Restaurant 1888 while studying at the UABC gastronomy school. Once he became a chef at the Casa Natalie Boutique Hotel, he began to make an impression by using the seasonal farm to table techniques. 

Chef- Partner of Quercus Restaurante in San Tomas Valle de Guadalupe since 2013, Chef Luciano applies his techniques of cooking in his smoke kitchen, balancing contrast and flavor focusing on highlighting true, authentic Mexican flavors. 

Ana Arvizu



More about Ana Arvizu

Born in the state of Mexico, graduated in 2008 from the world-renowned Culinary Art School in Tijuana.

Ana achieves an explosion of flavors through her heritage in cuisines from Hidalgo, Veracruz, Mexico City, and Jalisco. These cultures make Ana’s cuisine traditionally Mexican, infused with the flavors of the places where she has lived.

In her career she has worked in restaurants with world-renowned chefs, like: 

– Naos; Mónica Patiño

– Izote; Patricia Quintana  

– Almíbar; Roberto Solís

– La Querencia Rosarito; Miguel Ángel Guerrero

– Hacienda Misne in Yucatán

Among other projects 

Currently, Ana is the Creative Chef in Club de Empresarios BC, where she delights palates with her high cuisine fusion. She is a coordinator in Vizcaya University in Tijuana and proprietor of Eventos Kikapu: Cocina Norestense with her boyfriend, chef Eduardo Benavides Mendoza, where they show off Coahuila cuisine with smoking techniques.

Marco Marin


More about Marco Marín

Chef Marco Marín was passionate about cooking since an early age, growing up in the kitchen with the southeastern flavors of Mexico.

During his stay in charge of Latitud 32 in Valle de Guadalupe, Chef Marco created the Baja Yucatán fusion. He has won many awards, including two first place wins at the Sabor de Baja event in Hotel Rosarito. In the US he participated in Chef Throwdown at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, where he won first place. Other events he participated in include Saber del Sabor in Oaxaca and Mexam Fest in Seattle.

Chef Marco’s goal is to present a culinary style that features regional ingredients from the Pacific Ocean and local orchards, combining them with traditional cuisine from Yucatán and Veracruz, using chiles and other traditional Mayan ingredients aiming for an honest style of cuisine that encompasses ingredients from various regions, with the goal of creating a unique experience.

Currently, he is working in Puerto Vallarta on a project with the Grand Miramar Hotel with the goal of rethinking Mexican excellence to establish the best luxury hotel and spa experience. Chef Marco is helping in redesigning the menu and with the creation of a specialty restaurant named Eugenia. Here we will see many surprises from the chef, including ingredients from all over Mexico.

Natalie Curie



More about Natalie Curie

Chef Natalie Curie started working in the kitchen at the age of 12 years old. Natalie’s talents and desire for the culinary arts started at such an early age from helping her parents at their restaurant. Once Natalie graduated from high school, she decided to learn more from the world of gastronomy and attended Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena. Natalie went to school every day. Studying and working when not in class, she was able to perfect her skills and expand on her abilities in the kitchen. Her desire for improvement motivated her to continue with her professional career. As a visionary chef, she began exploring the world discovering new flavors and cooking techniques she would later use in her own dishes. While in Europe for an externship, Natalie and her brother Leonardo Curie. Soon after their visit, they both decided to take an internship at a culinary school. Once Natalie felt ready to apply her collected experience and knowledge to the family business, she returned to work on her family business, El Coraloense. Natalie has won numerous recognitions some include: La weekly The Queen of Ceviche People Issue-2017, Taco Madness Best Taco Los Angeles-2014, Del Real Fight for Flavor-2014, Chula Vista Harbor Fest Best Taco-2017, Paella Wine Fest Best Paella-2017, Concurso International De Paella Valenciana 4th place representing U.S.A.-2017, Guys Grocery Games Winner-2017. Natalie has also been featured in popular news outlets such as Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, LA Weekly, El Aviso, Univision, Fox 11 News, Telemundo etc., to name a few. Natalie plans on continuing her dreams of being a well renowned International Chef and helping her family business expand worldwide.

Jorge Fuentes



Jorge Fuentes

Mario Medina


More about Mario Medina

Spending many childhood days in the kitchen with his mother in Mexico City, Mario Medina developed a deep passion for food that inspired his journey of becoming an executive chef. After finishing culinary school in his hometown, Mario came to the United States to follow his dream. Working and learning in some of the finer kitchens on the west cast, Mario quickly established a reputation for great food and hospitality, driven by his desire to please every guest. His dream was soon realized when, in less than a year as Sous Chef at Chateau La Jolla Inn, he was offered the position of Executive Chef. Mario next took the helm at Paradise Grill in Del Mar, then Finch’s bistro for five years and is now leading the kitchen at Bernini’s Bistro in La Jolla. Although still young and early in his career, Mario is becoming noteworthy for his culinary achievements, having been featured in magazines “San Diego Home and Garden”, “Dining Out”, “About Town”, “Where”, “Riviera”, “Fine”, “Ranch & Coast” and “Mexico Aquí”, and on many local television news channels. Mario has been a participating chef for numerous fundraisers and events like Cooking for Cancer, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mama’s Kitchen, Taste of the Cove, the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival, and the Latin Food Festival, San Diego Food and Bank Chefs Gala, to name but a few. He is featured in a cookbook showcasing San Diego’s top chefs – San Diego Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from America’s Finest City – and is a weekly recipe contributor to 860AM Radio and Mexico Aquí Magazine. Mario’s ongoing commitment to excellence and true hospitality, paired with his passion and love of food, always answer his guests leave happy.

Javier Rubio


More about Javier Rubio

Chef Javier Rubio

 Chef Javier Rubio cooks with soul. Originally from Mexico City, he was lured into the culinary world when his passion for this industry and for food was recognized at an early age. Migrating to the United States in the late 1990s where he decided to devote his life to the culinary industry and take his passion for the Gastronomy Art to another level. He has developed his own unique style and air learning different styles of culinary; Asian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and the Caribbean. is has given him the experience to create and infuse food in a unique and fresh savor. His savors are bold in a contemporary style creating deeply satisfying dishes. Over the years, he has served as Executive Chef in one of the most prestigious kosher catering companies in San Diego, JB Catering Inc., catering San Diego’s upper scale in the North County. By 2004, he became San Diego Yacht Club’s Catering Chef where he was introduced into the Yacht Club environment. Chef Javier was appointed Executive Sous Chef of SDYC prior to his current promotion. In addition, Chef Javier has business administration education making it a critical component to complement his career. Every day he approaches his professional and culinary life with candor, humor, and—most importantly—the same spirit that brought him to the culinary world from the beginning–putting his soul in every dish he makes. Be sure to say “hello” and welcome Javier tour wonderful little club.

Adria Montaño



More about Adria Montaño

She studied at the Culinary Art School in Tijuana, the city where she grew up and where she learned that diversity is natural to create.

From a very young age, she worked in renowned restaurants and was the chef of cuisine at Misión 19, a famous Tijuana restaurant owned by Javier Plascencia, one of the forerunners of creative Baja California cuisine.

She has worked for the past 10 years in restaurants on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Her dishes are a journey that doesn’t forget inputs or Mexican origins, but with modernity and play.

Her culinary proposal is related to the influence of different cultures, but always from Tijuana. The first is don ramen (Asian), the second Azarosa (Californian – French), alimentalia which is “meal prep.” It is also food according to your needs-measure, but without being “boring” (then, here you will find everything), and Georgina, influenced by the “old world”-Europe. 

Adria believes that sometimes a woman should show twice as much as a man in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are many like her who seek their own paths, who exceed expectations and have fun working.

Claudia Trasviña



More about Claudia Trasviña

Born in Tijuana, Baja California

Claudia started her career in law. Her interest in cooking led her to pursue a career in culinary arts, as well as other degrees. She is a graduate from the culinary master’s program in Culinary Arts School.

She participated in the integration and elaboration of manuscripts for the Declaration of Traditional Cuisine in Baja California as Immaterial Cultural Heritage, declared on August 8, 2014.

Her projects include:

  • Volunteered to give talks on nutrition for primary school children in the Centro Cultural Tijuana and Culinary Art School in Tijuana, participated in the panel “Local Products vs. Cooks Dialogue” in Ensenada, Baja California. 
  • Has spoken on Culinary Cultural Heritage in the school of Oenology and Gastronomy in the UABC, Ensenada, Baja California. 
  • Has given classes on Mexican cuisine at the Instituto Superior de Gastronomía y Nutrición in Tijuana, Baja California. 
  • Has also taught lessons on Mexican cooking in the Cooking for Health program in Olive Wood Gardens. 
  • Served as Speaker in the Traditional Mexican Drinks panel, VI Foro Mundial de Gastronomía in Long Beach Ca. 
  • Served as an organizer, moderator, and speaker in the Culinary Cultural Heritage: Origins of traditional cuisine in Baja California panel and Helped coordinate panels for traditional cuisine and for the exposition of cuisine originating from the native Kumiai and Kiliwa cultures, in the Baja Culinary Fest.
  • She is President of the Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronomía Mexicana, Baja California. 
  • Directed the Manteleta project, exploring the flavors of Baja California, 

She is part of the television program Hola Californias where she prepares a recipe every Monday, and in Collage en la Cocina de Claudia she has hosted different events and banquets, where she customizes the service for each event, using local products and prioritizing Mexican cuisine in each of the dishes presented.

Martin Guerrero



More about Martin Guerrero

Passionate Chef with 17 years of experience combining management and outstanding customer service. Looking forward to growing within a company where I can share my talent and be part of an outstanding corporation.

Chef Manager                                                  at Aramark

Contract Management professional with history in food; retail C-Store, meeting services, operations, operator of subsidized accounts. Passionate about creating outstanding food, providing excellent service and financial results. Proficient in Microsoft software applications, operating systems, general ledgers, accounts payables, accounts receivable, Kronos and Other Systems of inventory control. Experience in internal audit reviews, budgets, bookkeeping, forecasting, hiring, payroll, and union management, cost control, California laws, purchasing, Payroll and Accounting Systems, marketing, Sales, and Seminars for customer service programs.

Eduardo Benavides-Mendoza



More about Eduardo Benavides

Eduardo Benavides-Mendoza was born in Coahuila on the Texas border.

Eduardo grew up eating lamb and his grandmother’s homemade salsa, along with the smoky flavors of Texan BBQ’s. This is what led his interests in cuisine.

This combination of flavors from northeast Mexico and south Texas was the foundation for his first business, Sr. Parrilla, where he shows off what he learned from his grandmother, paired with the memories of BBQ’s in Texas.

He runs grill workshops with “Hablemos de Carbón” (Let’s talk about Coal), where he promotes his set of rubs and smoked salts.

He is the proprietor of KIKAPU “Cocina Noredtense” (Northeastern Cuisine) with his girlfriend, Chef Ana Arvizu, where they share the smoked and fried cuisine of Coahuila in caterings and special events.

Ana Patricia Hernández Reyna


More about Ana Patricia Hernández

Degree in Tourism specializing in international cuisine


Investigate, identify, and disseminate the gastronomic and cultural heritage of Mexico.

Promoting wine culture


Professional Sommelier

  Spanish Sommelier School – Mexico


Specialty in international cuisine

  Gastronomic School Augusto Escoffier


Degree in Tourism

  Autonomous University of Hidalgo State


10 years of experience as a teacher

  Upper middle level

Speaker in congresses and festivals

  In an educational gastronomic environment 

Co-founder of “Cocineros Con Rumbo”

  Collective of investigation and dissemination of Mexican gastronomy

Member of event organization committees and jury

  In various parts of Mexico



  • Accreditation as a vigil of the Cultural Heritage of CONACULTA
  • National Certification of the English language CENNI Level 12
  • Certification in education competitions CERTIDEMS
  • Accreditation in the evaluation of teacher performance.
  • First place in “Cocina Mexicana 100 años de sabor” Dessert contest.
  • Training in the areas of: group management, business, managerial capabilities, and HR skills

Edgar Chong



More about Edgar Chong

Born in Tijuana, Mexico into a Mexican-Chinese family, Puesto Chef de Cuisine Edgar Chong fell into the culinary world by accident. While studying industrial design engineering at IBERO Monterrey in Mexico, he took a school trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he fatefully found himself seated at Noma, the legendary dining institution helmed by René Redzepi. During the 13-course meal, Chong had an epiphany: He too wanted to pursue the art of creating multi-sensory meals for others. Chong returned to Mexico and enrolled in the Culinary Art School in Tijuana where he earned a degree in gastronomy. While in school, he returned to Copenhagen to stage at Noma and Restaurant Relæ, gleaning as much as possible from his time in these prestigious kitchens. Upon his return home, he poured his energy into having as many culinary experiences as possible and spent time working in large-scale production kitchens before arriving at Puesto at the Headquarters in 2015 as a line cook. From his first day of working with founding executive chef Luisteen Gonzalez, Puesto was a natural fit for Chong, given its Mexico City-inspired menu. Tapping into his wealth of knowledge about Mexican history, culture and regional cuisines, he steadily worked his way up into his current role as chef de cuisine and is an integral member of the restaurant’s culinary team.

Mexican Traditional Cooks

Carina Santiago

Mexican Traditional Cook

More About Carina Santiago

Carina Santiago hails from Teotitlan Del Valle in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico. She started cooking as a 12-year-old child, with her mother teaching her how to weave prehispanic flavors into every one of the dishes that they served both at their dinner table and in important festivals within their town.⁣

🍽Since then, Carina has gone on to showcase these flavors around Mexico in various events such as: Sabor es Morelos, Así Sabe Mazatlán, Mosaico Artesanal Gastronómico Puebla, El Saber del Sabor Oaxaca, Festival Etnococina, Primero y Segundo Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicionales, Tianguis Turístico Guadalajara 2016, Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2017, and Feria Fitur Madrid. ⁣

🍽 Carina’s husband is Pedro Montaño, master weaver of wool rugs, and together they opened the Tierra Antigua Restaurante y Galería, where Catrina is proud to also offer cooking classes that utilize prehispanic flavors. ⁣

Irad Santacruz Arciniega

Mexican Traditional Cook

More about Irad Santacruz Arciniega

He has dedicated himself to Promote, document, project and propagate the Tlaxcalteca kitchen.

He works closely with groups of rural agriculturists, producers and farmers in the Tlaxcalteca field, this has allowed him to carry out an investigation of collection of ingredients among which stand out: 124 varieties of colored maize. 24 varieties of colored beans, 16 magueyes for pulque, 11 varieties of edible insects, and another endless biodiversity.

One of his main objectives is the positioning of the Tlaxcalteca kitchen, through “The guardians of the land of Maize” an organization that seeks the preservation and continuity of the flavors and knowledge of the kitchen in Tlaxcala. The group is made up of 83 people from different municipalities in the state.

He belongs to the Slow Food movement in Tlaxcala, which has distinguished itself by creating synergy between farmers and cooks.

In 2009 he supported the initiative for the declaration of the Tlaxcalteca kitchen as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State” in Turin, Italy.

In 2014 as Member of the collective “Fondo México Patrimonio Gastronómico” he took for the first time the Tlaxcalteca kitchen to nine cities in Europe. In the same year, he participated as a Slow Food delegate with the theme of “insects and herbs” in the International Taste Salon.

In 2016 he supported an initiative to declare Mole de Ladrillo, Maíz Morado, Atole Agrio, Mole Prieto and Pan de Fiesta; as an intangible cultural heritage.

He was a special guest at the Mexican Institute of the Embassy of Mexico in Spain, to carry out the celebration of the “Day of the Dead” where he demonstrated the customs and traditions of this festivity, as well as the ritual gastronomy that takes place in Tlaxcala.

He is currently writing, together with Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, the “Great Gastronomic Encyclopedia of the State of Tlaxcala”.

Aurora Toledo Martinez

Mexican Traditional Cook

More about Aurora Toledo

Born in San Miguel Chimalapa, but grew up in Ixtaltepec, Aurora is a Traditional Cook from the istmeña region with professional training in education.

“I come from a place where women have a lot of power. I admire my mother, the women with big baskets above their heads and all the cooks who I’ve known these years of my life, the poets who from a difficult situation manage to make the leap and get here”.

She is the founder and owner of the Zandunga restaurants in Oaxaca, with 15 years trajectory in the in downtown Oaxaca, where she promotes our culture through her cuisine and celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Oaxaca and all of México.

Antonia González Torres

Mexican Traditional Cook

More about Antonia González

At the age of 12, her mother and her elder Juan Garcia Aldama taught her the crafts of the Cucapá community, such as pectorals, rings, chokers, lockets, bracelets, earrings, clay articles, as well as traditional costumes such as layers and willow bark.

Since she 1979 teaches traditional dance classes to children. Her current group of 7 students ages 9-16 called “Águila Cucapá” has participated in dance performances and craft sales in festivals organized by CECUT in Tijuana, Baja California, where she takes the opportunity to share her community’s traditions.

As far as cuisine, her Culinary Art School students pay visits to the community, and she has made trips to sacred spaces and prepared traditional meals. She has also participated in events organized by the Colegio de la Frontera Norte and CONALEP II, B.C. She has also participated in the IV Foro Mundial de Gastronomía.

Olga Cabrera Oropeza

Mexican Traditional Cook

More about Olga Cabrera Oropeza

Originally from the Oaxacan Mixteca where she has cultivated that love for the traditional family cooking of our grandmothers since she was little. Her discipline and constant work converge in fulfilling the firm objective of preserving authentic recipes. 

Proof of this is that the traditional mole of this region – especially in Huajuapan – is known as the “Mole de Doña Chonita” in honor of the Chef’s grandmother, who at the age of 87 continues to prepare it with exquisite seasoning and shares it as one of the special recipes in “Tierra del Sol, Casa Restaurante”.

As Chef/Owner at Tierra Del Sol, she prepares exquisite Oaxacan traditional dishes, with an emphasis on those from the Mixteca region, such as chileajo, mole de caderas, tetelas, picaditas, stews with huajes, among many others.

She has recently participated in different fairs and culinary festivals where she has exhibited and shared traditional Mixteca cuisine internationally, such as:

  • Festival de los Moles (2016).
  • International Gourmet Festival- Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic (2017).
  • Honorary Council and the First Meeting of Traditional Cooks “Cocineras Tradicionales de Oaxaca” (2017).
  • “Oaxaca Comes to NYC” Gastronomic Festival in Café Frida New Yolk (2017).
  • Presentation at the International Tourism Management Congress at the Universidad Anáhuac Oaxaca (2017).
  • Presentation “Oaxaca: A culinary Mixtec experience” at The National Museum of the American Indian, New York in the framework of activities in Mexico Now Festival 2018.

In addition, she has participated in different events and culinary exhibitions for social benefit with distinguished haute cuisine restaurants in Oaxaca city.

She currently serves as director of Tierra del Sol with two restaurants under the concept “Tierra del Sol, Casa Restaurante” (Centro Histórico and Casa de Lila Downs”) as well as three restaurants under the concept “Tierra del Sol Comedor” in Oaxaca México.