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San Diego Bay will host this year's



“Disfruta, come y bebe que la vida es breve”

A one-night tribute to Mexican gastronomy

A one-night tribute to Mexican gastronomy, traditions, and art, offering guests the chance to sample the cuisine and products from some of the most prominent chefs, restaurants, artists and vendors on both sides of the border while experiencing the sights and sounds of Mexico.

Food by Top Chefs as

Juan Arroyo.

Food by Top Chefs as

Miguel Angel Guerrero.

Food by Top Chefs as

Luisteen González.

Food by Top Chefs as

Martín San Román.

A culinary experience with

Héctor Casanova.

A culinary experience with

Daniella de la Puente.

A culinary experience with

Jorge Fuentes.

A culinary experience with

Rogelio Martínez.

A culinary experience with

Adria Montaño.

A culinary experience with

Francisco Chávez.

A culinary experience with

Rocío Camacho.

A culinary experience with

Consuelo Herrera.

“Para todo mal…mezcal, para todo bien…también.”

Take a sip and experience new bold flavors. You know you want to!

Tequila & Mezcal (see more)

you’ll find a great collection of Mexican Tequila and Artisanal Premium Mezcal.

Beer (see more)

All you can drink

Wine (see more)

Meet the Top Baja California Wineries & Vineyards

Your experience will start in








Embarcadero Marina Park South, 200 Marina Park Way, San Diego, CA 92101. United States


a event

A festival you just can't miss

Join us in a Quest to Attain

A Dish A Performance An art installation  A Product  A booth presentation

that best represents the richness of Mexico, becoming eligible to receive the “Legend” Award.

 You will take part in an immersive experience showcasing the great Mexican culture has to offer.

The Festival is presented by MexLevel.org who strive to make all of their initiatives an HOMAGE to those who rise to the level that Mexico aims to promote worldwide.

“Nuestro ajonjolí de todos los moles”

Special thanks

for bringing this Festival to Life